Unwanted Group height stretch

Hello community,

I can’t figure out why my group height stretches in the below.

As you can see in the “Recent Activity” group, the bottom has stretched even though there is ample vertical space to contain the horizontal RG:

I have both holder groups set to height of 280 as shown below:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

You have a lot of overlapping elements in that group. I’d start by fixing that, and seeing if it makes a difference

@andrewgassen, thanks so much for the tip. That seems to have helped a bit, but still some stretch even with no overlapping within the RG.


Well, the thing I imagine is that since the text elements aren’t tall enough to fit the font size, it’s stretching the height of each of those elements, which adds to the height of the group. Maybe try shrinking the font size or making the elements tall enough. When you see the repeating dots like that, it means the font element is too short for the font size.

Awesome! Thanks for that tip. Almost there. You got completely on the right track. I bit more fiddling and I’ll have it.

Thanks again @andrewgassen

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