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[SOLVED] Help with groups visibility - mobile app

I’m trying to set up groups visibilty to simulate user view in my app mobile version. I can set the visibility on/off when click a button, or set a custom state to do that, but what I can’t get is to automatically get hidden or disabled ALL others groups, so just 1 view is enabled by each time. Right now I have to disabe each one manually - :sob:

In my app, I have all groups hidden by default. I also have two conditions on each group: One that says that the group is visible when the user’s current view is “x” and one that says it’s not visible when the current view is not “x”.

With that setup, I only ever have one group visible at a time.


It’s simpler than I thought! Thanks

[Edit] Work perfectly

how do you get the groups hidden by default?

@adam2016 When you click on a group, in the property editor, make sure you have this box unchecked:

And then use custom states to determine when the groups should be visible.

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