[Solved] How to replace the 1º item of a list of things?

Hey guys, how are you? Quick one:
I have a list of clients where in one input the user should be able to replace the first client only. I’m using one that removes the first item, but when I add the new one using the simple ‘add’ function, it just adds the new client as the last item of the list.
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It sounds to me like I’m missing something simple here.

You will need to use set list searchbox item converted to list merged with client list:minus item parent group.


Thank you for your time, mate! I’ve may understood wrong the last bit. I think we can’t remove a #item from the list with the merged with function, or am I wrong?
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You can remove item from the list. It’s fine. It should be :minus item Parent group’s booking’s clients:first item.

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oh, of course! Genius. Thanks again, mate. Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!!


Hey Jici, how are you? Sry to bother again with this. Would you remember anywhere with documentation on this function specifically?
Although it works in the first save, if the user saves the whole form again, it still removes the 1º item, without setting the list with the searchbox input again. I’m struggling with a proper way to do this…
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I’m getting around this using a separated Action where it sets the list, only when the number of clients is the same as informed in another input of the form. But some users are having issues with this, as they try to save the form without filling all the guests. Users…
I’m thinking custom states, but it seems I’m getting off track.

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