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Help creating a thing from RG selecteds Items

Dear All, could you help me?
I really need (very need) your help in order to create a thing from selected items in a repeating group with a single action workflow.
This repeating group get data directly from an external MySQL database.
I’m already set a custom state to select and deselect the items.
However when I try create a thing to save/storage in the Bubble database, I don’t know how.
Thanks a lot.

Please share some more info or some screenshots

The more information, the easier it is for us to help.

Hey @solutomn, not sure if that exactly fits your use case, but here is an example:


Let me know if that helps

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Thanks guys
I’ll try to get images to explain better and I’ll see the examples links you gave me.


I will try using the “set list” option as you did in your tip.
I going to back here after that.

Hey guys,
Unfortunately, I did not get do that.
It would work if I would pass the editor link here, in order to you check?
Thanks again.