Help creating a thing from RG selecteds Items

Dear All, could you help me?
I really need (very need) your help in order to create a thing from selected items in a repeating group with a single action workflow.
This repeating group get data directly from an external MySQL database.
I’m already set a custom state to select and deselect the items.
However when I try create a thing to save/storage in the Bubble database, I don’t know how.
Thanks a lot.

Please share some more info or some screenshots

The more information, the easier it is for us to help.

Hey @solutomn, not sure if that exactly fits your use case, but here is an example:


Let me know if that helps

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Thanks guys
I’ll try to get images to explain better and I’ll see the examples links you gave me.


I will try using the “set list” option as you did in your tip.
I going to back here after that.

Hey guys,
Unfortunately, I did not get do that.
It would work if I would pass the editor link here, in order to you check?
Thanks again.

Hi guys. I am a newbie with Bubble and loving it. I am building an app for services on demand. I am trying to create a thing from a repeating group showing categories of services. How can I set up to create the thing? Kindly advise from the screenshots below and I also avail of the links to the project. How can I set the Category?

repeating group preview

Editor: Servicehubke | Bubble Editor

@ekhangati Hello, you need to have a field under service called ‘category’, its value should be the Category type which you’ve already defined.

Hi there. Thanks for your response. I think I got it the way you suggest. Where I am stuck is how to save the category to the database when the user clicks from one of the categories from the repeating group? See the screenshots below.

repeating group preview

category workflow

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