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[SOLVED] Is there a way or integration to my app receive a user email?

When my app sends an email, is there a way to if the user responds it to see inside my app?

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No not currency. Maybe external services can trigger an API workflow but I’m not sure.

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Looking forward this feature, thanks.

Try zoho mail. I use it on my partner site. Clients can contact me from my contact page > sends me a mail > I can reply to them. I’m going to do the same for two client apps that I’m busy with.

I found something that seems perfect here: It will import contact, text, attached file, threads and web hooks.
There’s a lite and a full API, both free!
Can you please evaluate?

Some options too:
“A node.js smtp server that receives emails, parses them and posts them as json to the url of your choice.”, open source
Paid solution, has a free plan


Can it automatically import the email info to my app?

Not that I’m aware of, never tried it

Zapier will scan Gmail and you can call a workflow to save it to the database.

Or you can use their email address parser.

So perfectly possible.


Thanks @NigelG.

I found another service, from Zapier too


Yes, that is the one I used above.

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