[SOLVED] Issue to display fields from USER table using foreign key

Hi !

I created a relation table named “ROUTINE USER REL” to allow users to display shared routines on their dashboard. There is 2 fields in this table : Routine (type : Routine) and User (type : User).

To share a routine with others users, the user goes in the “Share this routine” page, enters an email address and clicks on “Share” button.

Workflow for the button

  1. Create an account for someone else
    Email = Input email_address value

  2. Create a new “ROUTINE USER REL”
    Routine = Current Page Routine
    User = Result of step 1 (create an account)

It works fine, user is created with email provided by user (or returns user if existing) + a record “routine/users” is created with the routine’s unique id and user’s email.

Then, i would to display the shares for this routine in this same “Share this routine” page with a filtered routine reapeting groupe, but I can’t display the information from the USER table (nor email, firstname, lastname…) with “Current cell’s Routine User Rel’s User’s email”. Testing "Current cell’s Routine User Rel’sUser’s email value is empty " returns = yes…

And it works fine with "Current cell’s Routine User Rel’s Routine’s Name…

Tried to modify USER’s primary key to “unique id”, i can see the “unique id” in “ROUTINE USER REL” table is correct, but it doesn’t display the email.

Can anyone help me please ?

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Just tried editing the linked email with mine. It’s working… Is it maybe because the created account is not verified ?

Hey @Fabrice! Welcome to the community!

Have you checked your privacy rules?

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Thank you Thomas ! It works :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas, How can I display data from a repeating group cell in an Input.