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Multi-check box can be saved to Server?

Video Lesson : Sending Data to Sever.
I doubt that it is possible to save more than 2 choice of craig list type in product list if check box is created in each line of product.

Question 1:
Is it possible to create multi check box in repeating group?

Question 2:
When Submit button is pressed, bubble provides each checked item into server?

Question 3:

If a user wants to see only their selected items, What is the best way to save the selected items and display in shopping cart page?

Is it too complicated in bubble ?

Hope to hear from admin.

  1. You can, if you have a list of things that represent the categories.

  2. Right now that wouldn’t work that way, because Bubble won’t know the detail for each row. Instead, what you can do is trigger a workflow when the checkbox value is changed. that way you can work at the row level.

  3. It’s not too complicated, but it’s a bit hard to help like this, as it’s a bit theoretical. Why don’t you try and show us what you have first.