[Solved]My whole page disappeared and now 3699 issue

Urgent advice requested. My page has disappeared and now have 3699 issues.

I have not deleted my page or any elements. I was working on it and the app slowed right down to unusable then forced a close. How can I get my development page back. Live site is still OK

Have you tried restoring to a previous version under “Development and version control”? You should be able to roll your app back to right before when the slowdown happened.

Thanks for the advice @natedogg. I looked at this but was not comfortable with doing it not knowing exactly what it will do. The live site is OK. If I do this will this delete the last update I did to the live site? Will it bring back my development site to what it was before?

Restoring won’t affect the current live version. It will just restore your development version to the time that you specify. :slightly_smiling_face:

@natedogg Mine too…I can’t even find the pages/elements

Thanks @natedogg that did the trick. All back up again. Just lost the small amount of work I did on the editor this afternoon. I appreciate your help