All elements permanently deleted on page

One of our main pages had all of its elements deleted, and we were not able to restore them with the undo button.

We’ve since followed the advice from this other thread and cleared our caches/data and restarted everything. All elements are still gone.

Really worrying situation. We do have backups from about a day ago, but we’ve put in significant development efforts since then. We’re waiting for a response from Bubble support.

I just wanted to lift this here in case others have similar issues. If anyone has had similar experiences and have recommendations, please share what has worked for you.

One of my rules - never trust the undo button. I use it occasionally to come 1-2 steps back. But if you need to delete/edit a lot of elements/WFs/conditions - always use savepoints.


Just to clarify - we did not choose to delete anything on the page. We were altering a conditional on a single element when the page froze and then deleted everything (including popups, focusgroups, etc).

We did create a savepoint 24h ago, but when we are not doing any major changes, we do not create savepoints more often than daily. Given that this issue can happen, we should probably start doing that though.

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If you know what time you want to restore to, you can just restore from that date/time. No need for a save point necessarily. Just as long as it hasn’t been too long due to each plan having a different limit.

Try restoring from a time when you know it was working but before everything deleted.

Does that make sense? :blush:


How did I not know about this feature?? I’ve only been using savepoints this whole time. Thanks a ton, that is exactly what we want. I restored it from before the bug happened and things seem to be working correctly.

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Glad that helped. :blush:

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