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[Solved] Pop up width issue

Hi everybody,

I’m facing a pop up issue that I can’t solved.

I am trying to change the pop up log in width and height. It seems working on the edit mode, but in preview, I can see that the width and height did not changed …

Does someone have an idea ?

Here are some screenshots :
What I want :

What I have :

Thanks for your help,


Is the popup responsive? Is that what you want?

Yes ! It looks like the popup does not change width and height, is that normal ?

Hi @bfanti I’m not 100% sure if this is what’s happening in your case, but I think it’s not changing in size because when you originally added that reusable element (“Sign Up/Login Popup A”) to your home page, it will remain the width and height it was when you added it to the page (unless you manually adjust it). Since you were adjusting dimensions of the reusuable element itself in edit mode, I think the only step you have to do next is to enter those dimensions in the property editor of the “Signup/Login Popup A” element on your home page.

For example: I added the same reusable element to my home page: “Signup/Login Popup A”:

Then I adjusted the popup dimensions here while editing the reusable element “Signup/Login Popup”:

Then I went back to my home page and the dimensions remain in their original sizes until I manually change “Signup/Login Popup A”'s height and width to “Signup/Login Popup”'s height and width.

Also check to see if you have fixed width unchecked on “Signup/Login Popup A” and it should resize in the way you’d like I think! :slight_smile:


That’s all right !! Thanks a lot for your help :grinning:

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