[solved] Popups stuck to the right as groups can?

Hey guys! We all know that we can make groups align to the right of the parent group, but can we make Pop ups align to the right as well?

I’m getting around this setting up huge transparent pops and then aligning the content to the right, but is not quite right on responsiveness. If we could align the Pop up to the screen or to the page itself, would be perfect. Can we?

Not using a “real” popup element. However, you can DIY by making a “fake” popup. Make the overlay using a Floating Group that fills the viewport and uses the Align to parent layout mode. Then just put a regular group inside and align it to one of the nonants

The custom CSS styles are needed only if you want the background blur effect. And of course, pressing ESC won’t close it like a built-in popup.

Good luck.


Thank you so much! ESC key and blur isn’t a problem. This is exactly what I needed.

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