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[SOLVED] Repeating Group not displaying data


I have a Task thing with a field called Type which can either be “Drop-off” or “Pick-Up”.

In a typical business process when a Drop-off is done (that is when boxes are delivered, Box thing list is also associated to track the boxes that were delivered under that task) the task is marked as complete.

And a new Task thing is created of Type “Pick-up”, I am associating the same Box list that was used in the Drop-off task.

I am using a repeating group to display the Task details including another sub-Repeating Group to display the Boxes associated to the Task.

The issue is that the associated Box list is not being displayed on the Pick-Up task (task that is created on the completion of a Drop-off task).

Here is a screenshot that shows that task being displayed has Boxes assosciated but are not being displayed. I must add that all the other Task related info is displayed correctly.

Can you share a link?

have shared a link via message, please let me know if you’d like me to post it here.

Yeah it’d be more open for everyone to learn

are we troubleshooting at the same time by any chance? :slightly_smiling:

I think I have an idea what is going on…I am not updating the Task in the Box thing, so when a new Task is created and the old one is marked as complete, I need to update the Task in the Box aswell…hence why I dont believe is finding any Boxes that match the search criteria.

yep! there it is! - that is exactly why it wasn’t pulling any of the associated Boxes.

Great, marked the issue as solved :slight_smile: