[Solved] Scroll to next entry

I’m stuck on a small problem that really shouldn’t be too difficult. But I’m still stuck :unamused:

I have a button that I want to scroll you to the next item in a Repeating Group. That is, not the next page, as they are on the same page.

Seemingly, it would be easy: just scroll it to the venue with this index # +1. Except I’m not able to add +1 after the expression. As you see below, it only allows to refer to data points in that venue, instead of returning a number.


Did anyone make something similar, or have a good idea on how to solve it?

Just found a solution, albeit not a terribly sexy one. I’ll share it here in case it can help someone else:

Inside the RG’s cell, I put an invisible Input Field. I set the Initial Content to Current Cell’s index + 1:


Make sure you set the content format to Integer.

Then I use that value to scroll:

If you have a solution that doesn’t include an input field, feel free to share :slight_smile:


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