Why "Edit workflow" button sometimes is not visible?


I don’t understand why sometimes and only for some elements, the button “Start/Edit workflow” is not visible?

I’m trying to add an extra action on SlideBarMenu trigger icon.

I’ve tried a workaround from Workflows > An element is clicked, but here neither I cannot find the element in the dropdown menu.

How should I proceed in this case?


The short answer is that some elements cannot be used to trigger workflows, such as the Link element. I think the SlideBarMenu icon is hard-wired to the open/close action of the bar, so that may be why you can’t use it to trigger a workflow. Just speculating.

I understand but, is there any workaround?

I think this may be a common problem for more users.

I would say the workaround is probably to not use the SlideBarMenu, but build it yourself out of Bubble elements. Not ideal, but not sure how else to go about it.

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