Some Emails through Postmark are not working after working fine for months

One of the things I despise about this whole process of creating an app with Bubble is the emails. I’m using Postmark, and it took a lot to get it working, but for months now it was working without issues.

I’ve noticed some email systems that were working fine are now not working. Did something change which would require me to change something? Why all of a sudden are things not working now? I’ve been going over all the workflows and can’t find a reason for the errors.

I think Bubble needs to invest in an easier email integration if they want to advertise this as a No Code. Fo email you need a engineering degree.

Hi @eric10,

What exactly is the issue? Are you seeing any errors for specific types of emails being sent?

Are you noticing that emails you expect to be sent aren’t showing up in the Postmark dashboard?

I’ve been sorting through trying to figure out what is failing.

I’m finding this error on some, so I’m not sure why this has started up again, since this was fixed in the past.

Workflow error - The service Postmark - notifications - Social Post Comment just returned an error (HTTP 422). Please consult their documentation to ensure your call is setup properly. Raw error: {"ErrorCode":402,"Message":"Received invalid JSON input."}

Which makes me think it’s something with this specific email/user. I’ve not been able to find any issues. Again this was working, so not sure why all of a sudden it’s not.

In the screen shot in the pink boxes are some things to note. The image has double “https”, but that should not stop the email. I also don’t know why the image addresses can’t be the same causing some having a “https”, and others not.

This is just one of the errors. the bigger error for me are the event reminder emails. again I get an invalid JSON input error, but can’t see what’s wrong with it.

Hey @eric10,

This screenshot is helpful to debug a little.

What does your WF setup look like when sending emails? The first potential issue I see is in the “subject” field. Why? Because it uses quotes and JSON doesn’t like quotes that aren’t escaped.

In that case, the fix would to use the :formatted as JSON-safe operator to escape any non-JSON safe characters.

Yup, I agree with you on this. The extra https isn’t causing this issue

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I thought I had all those set for JSON, so I updated that one, and updated the API Connector Pluging to remove the quotation marks from the code.

Here is another one from yesterday for my event reminder emails. I got the same warning, but I don’t think I saved the log entry and I only have 24 hours worth of logs.

Here are the workflows though.

Hi @eric10,

The setup looks good. Can you see if you can pull from the logs what JSON content is actually being sent to Postmark? That way, you can paste the request into jsonlint to help identify what exactly is causing the issues.

I’m setting up a reminder to be sent at 4:15. Once it sends I’ll post the error log.

By the way… what is this JSONlint you speak of??? I wish I knew of this earlier. haha

Here is the error log.

I wonder if it’s the title?

The JSON formatting only adds to the dynamic data, so instead of being around everything it’s only around the event name.

Ah… I think I might see where the issue is.

For “event title,” put that expression in as Arbitrary text and remove JSON safe from event's event_title because you have some static text, then format the Arbitrary text as JSON-safe

Yep! Exactly what I was thinking :blush:

Thank you for your help on this. I’m sure this will fix it. This is what I hate about how delicate this all is. The smallest thing will cause a mess. haha

Yep, no problem! Anything JSON, really :sweat_smile:

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