Some info disappear when i logout

I am working on a website and everything looks great , but when the user is not login the user image and name not display ,but when i login the user image and username display ,what i am missing here ? please support

Instead of “Current User”, user “Current Page User”. Current User is logged out but the url contains Current Page User. That should help.

Thanks Nicola for your quick reply

, but there is no "current page user " in the list !!

Your page Type of Content is setup as “apps” . Set as “User” and you’ll see “Current Page User” instead of “Current Page apps”

I have changed the page type to “User” and i used "current page user profile image " and current page "firstname " but now the profile image and first name don’t display even when the user login !

@ciscotreasure - change it back to “apps” 'cause I don’t want to cause more issues.

After you’ve changed Type of Content back to “apps”, refer to picture below to get the info from the url. This should work for you


I have changed it to make the dynamic image " Do a search for username profile image /; and set the constraint refer to " Get ID from page URL " But it still not working " !!

can u send screenshot of your search, including the constraint.

When i set the profile image and user first name to "Current user " it works fine when the user is login , BUT the image and user first name disappear when logout , after changed it to "Current page user " it didn’t work for both when the user login or Logout , for "Do a search for " please check the screen shot

Your search constraint should have “unique id = Get email from page URL’s email” . Right now you’re using “ID” which will have a value associated to a User - but since you’re logged out, the value of “ID” is undetermined.


I understand your point , but there is not Get email from page Url email as an option , there is only Get Data from page URL , and ,Get Data from external API

There’s another step. Pick “Get Data from page URL”. You’ll get another popup (see below). Type should default to “Parameter” and Type will default to “text” . Leave “Parameter” but change “text” to “User”. Parameter name can be whatever describes the info being used from the url (I used “email” originally but updated it below to “ID” because I believe that’s more reliable to use than email, i.e. in case users change email addresses). When you click “Close” on “Get ID from page URL” popup, you’ll need to click on “Search for User’s…” so the “Search for Users” popup will open. Then you can copy what I have in pic below. Apologies for skipping the “Get Data…” step.



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