Profile account

Hello everyone,

I would need some help about profile account and I didn’t find it on the forum yet.

I created a profile page so the current user can go to his profile. It’s filled with elements from other page they filled previously so I use “Get data from”

The first time I go to the profile page all the element appear correct. But if I go to another page and then click on the button Profile it all comes blank. I made screenshot to explain better. The texts are in French sorry !

And this is what I see when I come back to my profile

I hope someone can explain it to me

Hey Msalinier,
is this user logged in?

I sounds like you’re passing the user info along in a URL key initially, but then that key is lost when you navigate away.

If the user is logged in, then I’d suggest populating those fields dynamically, ie: Current User’s Name, Current User’s Address, etc. etc.

If the user is NOT logged in, then you’ll need to make sure you’re passing the user’s info along from page to page. This can be done a few different ways, like custom states, or when using a Go To Page Navigation Workflow you can include this in the “Data To Send”.

Hope that helps, let me know if you are still stuck.


Yes I want that when the user is logged in that all his infos appear on his profile even if he navigates away and comes back. And if it’s not logged in it doesn’t matter because the user won’t have access to this profile page.

I created the profile page with the Current User’s infos like in the screenshot. So what can I do to always have the profile page with the current user info ?

Thank you for your help, I am really stuck in this today.

I actually resolved my issue.
I didn’t put the “make a change in a thing” in the workflow related to Current user.

So thank you very much and sorry for the loss of time !