Some plugins do not work in popups or elements with no visibility?

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I am currently using the Search & Autocorrect plug in within my project and it works great. However, if I try to utilize that plug in within a Popup Element, it no longer works.

Subsequently, if I use that plug in on an element whose visibility setting is set to OFF, the plug in does not work either after I turn on the visibility in the workflow. However, if I have it visible, but set the opacity to just 1%, the plug in will work because technically the item is “visible”.

One workaround I’ve found is to set the visible of the item(s) affected to ON, but then create a workflow on the Page Load action which immediately turns them off. So, for a brief moment, the items ARE visible but then flash off. Then, when I make them visible again with a button, the plug in WILL work because the affected elements did start off as being visible.

The downside is that when the page loads you get a brief display of those particular elements and then disappear which just doesn’t look elegant and clean.


It’s about the plugin initialization procedures.
One thing you can do is talking to the creators to improve that for you.
Or stick to workarounds.

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Thanks for the reply,

So my workaround is to cover the area of interest on my screen with a flat color group matching the background of the app. In it I have created a faux loading screen with spinner. Underneath of that layer all of the groups that I need to work with the plug in are visible at first, but of course not seen because they are under the loading layer.

On page load I create a workflow that hides those other groups while the loading screen appears to be doing something. Then I hide the loading layer after 2 seconds. The end result is that it looks like the app is doing something such as loading data. The problem layers are visible at first but they are hidden and all of it takes place under the loading group layer so there are no obnoxious flashes of components disappearing. Looks cleaner.

From that point on I can just “show” those other layers that need to work with the plug ins and they work because they were initially visible on page load, just obscured under the “loading” group layer.

Hey Dan, another method that can work is to have the element be not visible on page load and then add a condition such as “When pop up is visible this element is visible”. Not perfect but works on some of the plugins.

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