Reusable element not working properly if used within a popup

i have a reusable element that works well on pages and in groups, but when using it in a popup, it wouldnt work properly.

The reusable element is using the “Auto-search/complete” plug-in, and when using this reusable element within a popup, it doesn’t give the search results typed in the input.

Plugins that rely on external scripts/libraries need to be designed in a certain way to handle this case.

What’s probably going on is that the scripts the plugin relies on are not loaded.

A lot of Bubble plugins that rely on external resources work this way:

When the plugin is on the page itself, its scripts get loaded. If it only becomes instantiated later (like its in a popup or hidden on page load) the scripts have not been loaded and so it will not work.

(There are generally 2 ways for plugin devs to handle this: Add the scripts to every darn page in your site, which is bad practice, generally, but it’s Bubble’s default. Or do some extra work to ensure script loading happens when the plugin finds itself running, but the functions it relies on are not yet defined.)

Search and Autocomplete is an interesting “tech demo”, you might say, but it’s not super robust as far as I can tell. It’s been installed a lot (I’ve played with it in sample apps myself), but I’m not sure how appropriate it is for a production app. (On the other hand, it’s entirely free so you get a lot of value for what you’ve paid, yeah?)

It’s not clear how active @dambusmedia is in updating/enhancing that plugin. The plugin page for that plugin asks for issues to be reported to the github repo here (

The issue you note is the same issue as issue #12 over in that plugin’s GitHub repository. See: That issue was opened Sept 9 of last year.

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Thanks for this clear answer

The only question i have is, i see there is a lot of professional apps done with bubble, is it even possible that those apps doesn’t use auto-search-drop-downs?

I can’t imagine any business app that wouldn’t utilize at least 2-3 auto-search-drop-downs per page.

Its the basics of any app to give the ability for users to search/add data efficiently.

How do you build any app without that?

How do others do it?

Well, there’s the standard Search Box, right? Obviously, Bubblers seem to like the “search and autocomplete” plugin and there’s clearly demand for the types of features it offers, but that plugin itself doesn’t strike me as being the be-all-end-all solution here. Would be nice to see a well-supported, well-designed, paid plugin with these types of features.

(Maybe that’s something @gaurav is thinking about?)


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