Plugins frequently don't work on Reusable elements / popups

Plugins frequently tend to not work on Reusable elements / popups…

Anyone else notice this?

Is there anything I should be doing to fix this?

In general, should I be submitting a bug report to Bubble or to the Plugin owner or both?

I heavily rely on reusable elements / popups - hoping I can fix this! Thanks for any input.

I haven’t really ever had this issue. What plugin is it?

One time the instant text plugin wasn’t working for me. But when I sat the visibility to hidden by default and show on load it started working. Might be worth a try.

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In addition to showing plugin elements after page load as Øystein suggests, you can experiment with placing the plugin element on the page itself, even though you are only using in the reusable element or popup. Just drop it on the page in a discreet location and put some placeholder values in, if it has required fields.


I know that when I’m editing a reusable element, if I add a plugin to it that hasn’t already been added to it, and then I go refresh a page that has the reusable element in my browser, the plugin won’t work. The only way to get it to work is by just going to the parent page that contains said reusable element in the editor first.


@stone - currently it’s the “Anything to Image” plugin… Works great on a regular page. That wasn’t it, but was worth the try!


I’m having the same issue - @richardsonjj36 were you able to solve this?

Which other plugins are you having the same issue with?

This happen often when plugin doesnt check if element isnon the page or not. You can avoid this issue by making the plugin element not visible on page load and set a conditionnal to show it when parent / popup is visible


It’s the timezone plugin provided by minimum studio…I’m thinking it’s an issue with the plugin itself. Whatever I do, it doesn’t seem to work on reusable popup. Even after hiding/making it visible on load. Setting the value as a state. Adding it to multiple pages etc…