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SOME Users can't login Bug

Some users can login. Others cant’.

They are redirected back to the index page.

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My app is live. I entered a bug ticket. Anyone know what this is?

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This is a bit scary, seems like a bug. Try to copy your app and test again.

Yeah, strange right? I saw you poking around. Could it be anything that has to do with creating users via a data import?

When I press create account, same thing happens.

Copied the app. Same things happens. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Only pointer I can think of, see if there’s a custom script running or any of the installed plugin is causing the issue

Yeah, I know! Strange

Delete the toast plugin and try again

hummmmm… Strange when it works for some but not others… If it were a custom script, I thought it would be universal.

ok, one sec…

Delete the Toast and the upload CSV. Now optimizing the app to delete their tracks…

I just checked the network tab, there’s a 302 redirect on the url. Have you checked your domain registrar dns? remove the domain and try again

Thats probably what it is! Let me look into that…

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Can’t be anything else :yum:

This looks good… Going to go to the DNS to see what I can find…

Easiest would be to remove the domain and then test. Will save you a lot of time it that doesn’t work. The redirect 302 can come from cloudflare as well behind the proxy.

Oh wow…

What is this?

That’s just fine. If you added the domain name just recently, then that’s most probably a configuration issue. Removing, and adding back the domain should resolve it.

trying that now…