*Some* Zeroqode Booky classes not appearing in search

I am using the Booky theme from Zeroqode. The site is live and I created a few test users.

I am creating a few test classes in Brooklyn. One of the user’s classes show up in search, but other users’ classes are not showing up in search.

When I looking the “live” database to see “All Listings”, all the listings created by all the users are in there. Thus, I am extra-confused about why only listings from 1 user appear in the search. Especially when 1 class created by a user with the same details (except different title) is visible and another class by a different user with the same details is not visible. Same address and everything!

Coincidentally perhaps, the user whose classes are showing up is an admin. Is there some setting in a workflow that prevents non-admin users from having their classes be visible in search?

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