Products created by User's aren't showing up in search (although others do?)

Hey there everyone!

Hope you are doing great. I’m rather new to bubble and starting to get a hang of things.

Currently I’m breaking my teeth out over a rather simple feature that I’m unable to debug.

The way it should work:

  1. A User (who’s a local shop) adds a product to the data base (this is working fine)
  2. The product should pop up in the search results on our Marketplace (they don’t)

The thing is: We already have Products in our database from the template we are using and they work just fine. There also doesn’t seem to be a difference between the previously entered products and the ones created by the current user. Therefore, my best guess is, that somethings up with the search but I’ve been unable to find out what for days now. Maybe some data source issues?

Here is the marketplace + the conditions I’ve got running on the RG:

And here’s two examples for a product that I’m able to find and one that I’m unable to find:

Able to find:

Unable to find:

If anyone could point me into the direction of solving this I’d more than great full, I’m sincerely loosing my mind haha

All the best and thanks in advance!

Have you checked your privacy rules?

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Jup, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem sadly, my only privacy rules are pretty straight forward:

Solved it!

In my case, the problem was with how I set Up the Plug In for my fuzzy search!

It was set to only search the description of the products and not the name of it. In my testing data i just filled the description with random giberish - hence no result.

God this is stupid haha