Sort RP of Users based on User's Field's Field

I’d greatly appreciate some help. I have a RG of i.e. Soccer Players. I want to sort them based on them having upcoming Games.

Each Player has a field:
“Games” (List of Games) (Games is an existing Data Type)

Each Game data type has a field:
“Date” (Date DD/MM/YY)

Repeating Group Data Source: Search for Players
This is where I get lost
When I

  1. click on Search for Player
    a. set constraint: Games contains Search for Games (constraint: Data > Current Date/Time).

I go back to the first constraint and always get Games contains Search for Games(More…) in red.

If I add :firstitem, it turns blue, but I only get the first time on the Preview. So I feel like I have to use :items until# but doesn’t seem to work either or I don’t know how to use it but I don’t have a set starting and end point.

  1. If i click on the original data source and do Search for Player:filtered (constraint: Games contains Search for Games (constraint: date > Current Time), the Games contains Search for Games(More…) appears again.

If someone could advise me on how to go about this I’d appreciate it a lot!s

Hey @ds4657

Could you share your editor in view mode? Seeing your config would save us a lot of time

What does the issue checker say?