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Sorted a RG by Created Date

I have a RG with some conditionals from show entries, but I can`t sorted it by created time, i choose two input forms date picker, but i gues it doesn work.

Click on Sort by and choose Created Date except if you want to filter then “Add a new constraint” select created Date and pass in the values of “From Date and To date” input.

I choose Created Date like Sort by
But i have no idea where in “add a new constraint” select the values “From Date and To date”

Follow this image. It will help.
SDate = Start Date
eDate= End Date

You can filter the Created Date to pick value from your datepicker.

My solution uses a state of my datepicker which dynamically changes based on a drop down value. A little bit complex for your solution but gives you an idea of how to get get what you want.

Search Constraint Start End Date

I tried to write a solution as you suggested, but it did not help.
If I choose data from my DatePicker it not be Sorted…Just all data show in RG

Ok… There are 2 things…

Do a search for " Payment Transfer" , then click on add a new constraint button to add Created Date to restrict the records returned. This is a search constraint. Constraint is to restrict the records returned. Constraint = WHERE clause in SQL ( example Name = a.tovstenko1)

To sort the records returned, use the add a sort field button add Created Date, descending yes / no. Sort by = Order By in SQL example (A -Z or Z-A)

The last screen shot you sent you added a filtered constraint. That is not required.

This is what it should look like

I do all like you show on screen shot, but it couldn`t working.

Thank you for all help, it is a pity that it was not possible to solve this problem.

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