Sound file size limit

Sorry, total noob question here. I’m trying to add a large MP3 to the music player, the first one I tried was 65MB and it said it was too large. Some of the files I was hoping to load are around 400MB so I wanted to know how I might go about this? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help.

If you are trying to upload a file directly into your database’s Thing (as opposed to using an uploader on a page) then we’re on the same boat. I’m trying to upload a 80MB file and I’m getting a file limit error. Not sure how to solve it but will keep looking and reply back if I get the answer

Thanks, I’m just using the music player free plugin and trying to upload from that. Hopefully there’s a simple solution…

can you specify which music player you’re trying to use? There’s several of them and they all work differently.

Bubble Support confirmed that you can’t upload a file more than 50MB directly to the database from the backend. But you can upload bigger files by using the File Uploader element.

So in your case, if the audio player doesn’t have an option to control upload file size, you’ll first have to use the File Uploader to get the file in the database and then whatever audio player you choose, to play it.

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it was just the free music player, could only see one other option for a paid one. Will give File Uploader a go as you suggest - back to the tutorials then…