Internal files over 50mb (mp3)

Hi All!

I am trying to store some audio files in my database for a player to load and play on my site. The files are roughly 2 hours each, or about 125mb when pulled from YouTube into audio.

One obvious solution would be to break them up into smaller files, but I thought it would be more elegant to use the entire file at the length I downloaded it, so a sentence in the mantra didn’t get broken up in the middle and it saves me lots of time on every upload and preserves the integrity of the files.

I tried using an online tool to turn my Google drive links into links that end in mp3 but it didn’t work. I wonder, before I invest in one of the paid plugins, does anyone know the best practices for doing something like this? Are files over 50mb in the database allowed in the paid plans? If so, which one? Also, can I use some link in the “dynamic links” field that is a weblink but ends in mp3 so it behaves like an mp3 file?

For reference, I am using the “Custom Audio Player” plugin to play the audio…best regards, and thanks for reading!