Spacing on PDF out put

I am working on content being displayed to pdf but can’t space the content correctly.

The content is being taken from a repeating group, places in a state and exported to pdf. The user is selecting the elements from the RG which then places below with the workflow:

The content needs to be split into sections so added this into the workflow and it looks like this on the page itself once added:

When using pdf conjurer the output doesn’t split so am missing something as this is the result:

What am i missing??

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How are you adding the text to the PDF Conjurer plugin?

If you’re using the entries of a repeating group (and the data type of that repeating group is text), I’d suggest using RepeatingGroup eBook's List of texts:format as text and then setting the delimiter to be a line break. By default, the list of texts will be separated by a comma as in your example above.

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They are being added from a repeating group state. I have the initial RG above and the user selects the options to add to the RG to print.
At present I have it set to RepeatingGroup ebook_output_selected's List of ebook_outputs:each items' content
When adding formatted as text and line breaks I get an undefined result

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What is the ‘content’ in your ebook_outputs? If it’s just a text, then you should be able to use RepeatingGroup ebook_output_selected's List of ebook_outputs:format as text with the text as This ebook_outputs's content and the delimiter as a line break. There’s more info about the format as text operator in the Bubble manual