Using html within text to set different properties


  • I am used to using styles or custom properties that apply to all the text within a text element,
  • I am also used to using the 'Rich text editor ’ to fine tune text display and set different properties at different places within a text element,
  • I have been using html within the text to make it look more like I wanted it to be, I find it easier that the Rich text editor: Using markups such as “BOLD” or “[size=3]SIZE 3[/size]” or “[color=#000000]BLACK[/color]” or [centered], [justify], [left] etc.

I am stuck with “font-weight”… I can’t figure out what markup I should be using to define a specific font-weight that will only apply to some part of my text. Anyone knows?

Also , why did Bubble choose to swap standard html <> for markups with [] ? Not that it matters really just out of curiosity…