Specific Integration of Netsuite and Bubble


I’m assisting my family’s business to establish an IT infrastructure for selling industrial products online. We’re considering building an online shop using Bubble and have the following requirements:

  1. An admin panel to access and manage each customer’s financial and order data, including offering custom discounts.
  2. A customer information panel featuring user data, order history, and payment history.
  3. A user-friendly customer area for managing orders, payments, and account information, including product selection, adding items to the shopping cart, and order completion through a payment gateway like Stripe.
  4. Integration with NetSuite via an API to transfer order and customer data, considering our products are made of several components.

I’m seeking insights on NetSuite integration. Given my limited coding experience, should I attempt the integration myself or hire a professional? If I need assistance, can you recommend somebody?

Thank you for any advice or information you can provide!

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@dmitrij.maltsev It’s likely something you can at least start trying yourself and then always reach out for help on the forum.

Another option is using an iPaaS provider to integrate. Make has NetSuite integrations and plays well with Bubble. In fact there’s a Make x Bubble webinar next week if you’d like to learn more.

Since NetSuite has a REST API you should also be able to connect with the API connector


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