Specificity in repeating groups & targeting elements

I need a little clarification on something. Wasn’t able to find the answer in the manual or forums.

If I wanted to show and hide individual elements within a repeating group, how do I target them? I am currently thinking of a couple examples: 1. an audio player, hide play / button show stop button in a repeating field, but reset to the play button if the play button in another field is clicked. 2. setting a radio button next to an item, i.e. user chooses a single option, clicking new option hides check on others.

I am currently messing with an audio player with a playlist. A repeating field contains the tracks from a database and a play icon, I can hide that play icon when it is clicked, but when I look at the show action in the workflow, I only see one option for that icon, when in fact the icon is iterated in each row. So, it seems to me that hiding targets the element object or parent. How can I target an element within a parent other than the one receiving the click?

I put together a quick demo for you. Essentially you want to set up Conditions on the Elements that you plan to Show/Hide (or in this case change the icon) instead of using the Workflow Actions Show/Hide


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Ok, that makes sense. I’ll dig into condition. Thank you so much!