Sporadic Issues Saving Multiple Signatures (Signature Pad Pro Plugin)

I’m having an issue where signatures save sporadically. Within the app I have it configured for multiple people to be able to sign off on a form. Essentially there’s a multi-select-dropdown with users and for each user a signature field displays so they can sign off. This is limited to 10 users. The issue is you never know what fields will save and which will be skipped. For example I could submit a form with 5 signatures and #1 and #4 save with #2, 3 and 5 mysteriously not saving, and then the next time all 5 save. There’s no pattern behind it. I’ve tested it rigorously myself and cannot figure it out!

I’m using Signature Pad Pro (Signature Pad Pro Plugin | Bubble). I’ve emailed them via their website but it’s been 4 days with no reply.

I’ve been struggling with this and it’s causing real issues with customers since they need to be able to show the signatures to auditors. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Hey @mavindevelopment :wave:

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of each workflow that you have set up to save the signature? That might help us diagnose the issue. :blush:

The submit button triggers the first signature field to save

Which subsequently saves the rest of the data in the form, and then saves the other 10 signatures. This is done because the signature saves to a separate database called ‘signatures’ regardless of which form the signature is attached to. We use this format for a few different applications but in this scenario it’s documenting a toolbox talk. Once the first signature is saved it creates a new entry in the ‘toolbox talk’ database and then sets the custom stage of the page as the unique ID of the toolbox talk just created. Then each of the other 10 signatures is saved and writes the toolbox talk ID from the page state. This is done such that they can later be queried and shown on the report.


The signature is saved as follows:

Hey @mavindevelopment

I see this is a complicated workflow. :sweat_smile:

It seems that you are probably leaving the page before the signatures are actually saved. I see you tried to add a pause. However, this is unreliable.

There might be a way to simplify it. Could you just save the signature as it is signed? Then by the time they press the Submit button it would already be in the database. Then you just need to send them to the next page instead of do any workflow.

Is there a reason you have to do it on the submit button? Let me know. :blush:

It does appear it’s leaving the page before saving! I just changed to another signature plugin as the original plugin required the convoluted workflow. Thanks!

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