Sports Pal | A sports matching platform

Dear All,

I have made a web app called SportsPal, build without code on, optimised for Desktop and Mobile. After choosing one of the sports, the user can look through matches and either swipe left to skip or swipe right to Pal up with a suggested user according to the age, gender and location set by the current user. I am planning to launch the web app in three weeks and after that ios and android through superview wrapper, (though I haven’t completely figured out push notifications yet). In the meantime, to promote the app I have built a referral app, similar to Harry’s referral program, which is also made on bubble, a big thanks to @levon and zeroqode for their tutorials.

I know there are several sports matching apps in the market, but wanted to try my luck in the Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistani market.
Could you all please be so kind and have a look at the referral app and point out any improvements. Here is the link to the app:
Best Regards,