SQL Connector - Connection string for google cloud simplified


I am using the Google cloud and want to connect MySQL database with bubble well lost solving the “connection string”.

If any could help me get the string or explain for the connection parameter in a simple way.

thank you in advance.

Bubble’s documentation gives sample connection strings. What have you tried and what error do you get?

Yes i checked it out and tried couple of step… being a non-coder … not happening anything.


I got my Google sql username:password
SQL i.p
my-db-instance.endpoint (east-asia)
Port: (couldn’t find it)/
have the database make

the above is for rds if you could suggest for google

thank you

Are you prepared to learn some of the SQL language?

What does this mean?

When putting special codes in this forum, highlight them and press the button that looks like </> to show them properly, for example:


The default port for MySQL is 3306, try this first if you aren’t given a specific one.
If the password has any weird characters it might need to be url-encoded.
If there are any firewall restrictions you’ll need to configure google cloud to allow Bubble’s servers to connect.


I couldn’t work out from your post what is hostname or dbname.



These are what I could get from google sql console

  1. sql user - user:password
  2. Primary IP address -
  3. Instance connection name - myappdb-217508:asia-east1:myappdb-google
  4. Service account details
  5. Restrictions are off.

So any suggestion or gudiance with the details

yes going through some contents online to learn sql.

thank you

Try these combinations …


Thank you @mishav the combinations did try to connect… but not work. Well may be try the api for google storage.

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