Connecting to MySQL database stored on Google Cloud


I’m having a problem connecting to my MySQL database. It is hosted on the Google Cloud. I have verified that it is accessible from my local machine via MySQL workbench, though I had to specify my IP address as an approved IP address from the Google Cloud in order to do so.

Is there a way to know the IP address that bubble will use to connect to my Google Cloud MySQL database instance? Or has any one else had a similar problem and successfully found a resolution?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Just wondering if you got this problem figured out?

As a newbie (and non-coder), I’m trying to work out how I can connect a large database (few hundred thousand entries) to Bubble.

I am probably jumping in the deep end early, but have no choice…

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately, I was not able to get this figured out.

Sorry I’m not much help :-/


We can’t guarantee a fixed IP for DB calls. One way is to allow connection from any IP and use a special, limited-access (read-only) user from the DB Connector.

No worries. Thanks anyway.

I will look into that. Thanks.

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