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Connector problem

Hello, I want to connect mysql DB to my app by connector plugin in

I bought hosting site(hostgator) to host my schema but I couldn’t make string to connect.

connection string

does username, password means hosting site’s username and password or just of mysql?


I can not understand this sentence, May I just copy them? or Do I have to change something?


I can understand Port, but ‘’ Does it mean hosting site?

Really thanks to read my problem,

I take it you are referring to the default example provided by the SQL Database Connector:
mysql://username:[email protected]:PORT/db_name

Breaking it down:
username:password for the database user
@ replace with hostname or hostaddress of your database, which might be an IP address. If it is “localhost” then the database is likely only for use by the site, so can’t be directly accessed by the SQL connector plugin.
db_name the database schema name

There is an explanation here:

Hostgator also have a support chat, it’d be worth asking them about the connection string for external access.