SQL Connector Query Results Inconsistent - Today Only

Is anyone else encountering issues with SQL Connector queries today? I’ve had a few users report issues just this morning, saying it was working fine yesterday. No changes have been pushed from our end, and I even reverted to a previous development version, and the issue is still there.

Refreshing the page seems to give a different result every time.

The last couple days I’ve noticed some of my queries weren’t refreshing consistently. I have a single page app and don’t do page refreshes. Instead, I clear repeating groups and include a datetime refresh field parameter in my query. It’s always worked perfectly.

Here’s an example…I have a repeating group containing score data that I retrieve through the SQL Connector and display on the screen. When the user clicks on one of the rows, the app shows them their sports picks, also retrieved through the SQL Connector. Most of the picks would display with up to date information, but a few of them were not refreshing and were still displaying older information.

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