[Help Needed] SQL Database Connector - Cant Refresh

I have a weird problem, where the SQL Connector Query will not GET Updated info unless “refresh the browser”

Detail :

  1. Load the Apps, call SQL Connector Plugin, Query and get Data as below.

    • Order 001, Table 001, Ordered item XXX
  2. In the app, add an order to database

    • Order 002, Table 001, Ordered Item XXX2 ( Successfully added, I check from phpmyadmin )
  3. in the Workflow, I try many method to "refresh the data in Repeating Group

    • clear the list, and display the list with same Query again ( search Order where Table = 001 )
    • run the External Data API ( the SQL Connector Plugin Query ) as action, again.
  4. The new data still not appeared. Unless

  5. I refresh the page, the new data appeared.

Does this is related to “cache”?

( previously all data call internally, without using SQL Connector , has no problem )

What I needed to do to get updated data without refresh the page?

Simply add a parameter called anything you like e.g Refresh to the query. Make it a number field. On your page, link the parameter to a state on the page. SImply increment the state by +1 when you’d like your SQL query to update.



Wow… Just wow… Christo…

i am feeling thankful I stop trying anything or even restructure the entire thing. Because your solution is that easy and it work exactly the way I wanted.

Everytime I need the Query to get refresh, I just add +1 to the variable.

Thanks again.

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I am happy to help. The original answer is somewhere in the forum. I just couldn’t find it to link it instead.