RGs & “Do a Search for” not updating without refresh today (4)

New thread since old ones are closed. This issue is back heavily for my app today.

RGs in my app are suddenly not displaying new items from the database unless the page is reloaded.

Who else is experiencing this?


Interestingly, this issue does not occur in my test-version, only in live.

It’s hard to say anything without seeing your search.
Just be aware that the “Current time” it searches is not refreshed (only when page is loaded)…
What I do is to do a search using a state (type date) instead of “current time”, and if I need it to be refreshed I just update the state

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Hi this is not an issue with the search, but a bug that affects all RGs in my app. It is working again now, but I suspect it depends on time as day as has been the case with this bug in the past. Go take a look at the past matching threads in the bug section for context.

I too have received many reports recently from my customers about the app acting slow and having to constantly refresh; I’m on a production plan with plenty of capacity.

Pfff… Really didnt know about that

Hey @aj11

I also am having issues all day of a repeating group not displaying data at all anymore, on my live and test app. The live app hasn’t been touched in 4 months. So this is obviously a bug. Please report it so they can fix it asap. :blush:

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Same here, I wasn’t too sure about it the last few days but I am able to consistently reproduce the bug today. Happens in both test and production environments.

Josh said they were working on a “band-aid” fix in previous posts before looking for a long term solution : RGs & "Do a Search for" not updating without refresh today (2) - #11 by josh

Do we have some update about that ?


Users reporting this as well for me.

@bubble any update?

This is frustrating. Any update on this @josh?

Sorry about the issues here. This does not seem to be the same issue from the previous thread you referenced – we did finish the long-term fix, and the metrics for those systems seem healthy. We are not currently aware of any widespread system issues, so it may be something narrow affecting your apps in particular. Please file a bug report with the team if you haven’t already, and we’ll investigate as soon as we can.


@josh I already reported the bug yesterday but haven’t had a solution yet and Bubble is ‘closed’ for the day already.

@j805 I just checked our ticketing system for reports from the email address associated with your forum account and don’t see the bug report. Mind sharing the bug report number? I want to make sure your report didn’t fall through the cracks somehow…

Sure @josh . It’s a different email probably. Here it is: Bug Report #20826

Thanks @J805 . Just skimmed through the thread. It looks like Sam on our team has been going back-and-forth with you, and reading through it I’m not sure I can add much to what he’s been telling you. I’m sorry the investigation has dragged on over two days, but some bugs are just genuinely very challenging, and this sounds like it only occurs for very specific app configurations. I also found the bug report that @aj11 submitted, and the symptoms sound very different to me – what he’s reporting sounds much more like the original real-time update issues, although I double-checked the time periods when he reported problems and still don’t see any infrastructure issues during those times.

I’m sorry to say that I think the best path forward for both of you is just to continue corresponding with our team on your respective bug reports – as far as I can tell, the team is handling the issues as best they can, and will try to get you both to as speedy a resolution as possible. I don’t think the issues being discussed on this thread are necessarily related to each other – Bubble has a big enough user base that at any point in time, we always have at least a handful of customers reporting problems, and since data and searches is core to app building, a lot of problems can seem superficially similar. I will follow up on the bug reports internally to double-check we’re doing the best we can on them, but that’s basically all I can say right now.


@josh Sorry for going off topic but since you mention search is a core part of app building, but over 10 years of Bubble and $100m later, we still can’t do a simple search in our apps without worrying about case sensitivity and third party plugins like Fuzzy Search.

Either you trust third party developers over your heavily funded engineering team or you don’t actually think search is that important to app building, because it’s been brought up hundreds of times by both newbie and senior members alike over the years but we still have to rely on band-aid hacks that bloat our databases unnecessarily or on third party plugins.

Love the recent releases your team has put out but having to come up with workarounds for simple things doesn’t make sense and is extremely frustrating.

Thanks for addressing this Josh. I’ll work with support to find a solution, but there is still something else I’d like to again strongly suggest.

PLEASE add an action for “Refresh RG” that forces an RG to perform it’s search again even if no constraints have changed. While this won’t entirely solve the issue, it will open up for workarounds such as adding refresh buttons that users can hit when data isn’t updating as expected. This is super common functionality and frankly a UI best practice. The most notable coming to mind right now being the refresh icon in Gmail.

Even google can’t keep an array of data on the frontend perfectly updated automatically, so they’ve created a path to manually updating. Why hasn’t Bubble allowed it’s builders to do the same for their users?


I’ve been noticing some RG’s not refreshing data automatically either the last couple of days @josh

Seems you have many bug reports for it already so I won’t log one but would appreciate an update here when there is a fix.


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