SQL Database Connection

I want to insert the data in mysql database using bubble and i am trying to create insert query in Query Section the query is “INSERT INTO Company (name, address,mr_name,mr_email,mr_phonenum)
VALUES ($1,$2,$3,$4,$5);” but the problem is it is showing error (SQL Database Connector issue: Unknown column ‘$1’ in ‘field list’). if need more information please contact

I never used Bubble SQL Connector but maybe this helps:

When working with Bubble’s SQL Database Connector to execute queries, including INSERT queries, you must ensure that your query syntax is correctly set up for parameterized queries. The error you’re encountering, “Unknown column ‘$1’ in ‘field list’”, suggests that Bubble might not be recognizing $1 , $2 , $3 , $4 , and $5 as placeholders for the values you want to insert. This issue can often arise from syntax errors or misconfiguration.

INSERT INTO Company (name, address, mr_name, mr_email, mr_phonenum)
VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?);
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