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SQL Database Connector Error


I have a problem with the SQL Database Connector Plugin and I wanted to know if the problem comes from the Bubble side or mine.

On my app, I have a connection to a PostgreSQL DB hosted on Ms Azure and everything worked fine until a few minutes ago.
Right now, I have an error message which is the following : “Connection issue: SQL Database Connector issue: Connection attempt failed: Invalid Username specified. Please check the Username and retry connection. The Username should be in format.”

I have tested the connection on other apps than Bubble and it works fine to connect to my DB, I have also tried to connect to another DB from Bubble but I have the same error message.
This is super strange because everything worked fine until a few minutes.

Also, in the error message, there is a blank on the Username format, so I really don’t understand the error. I wanted to know if it is an error on my side (which I don’t understand because I changed nothing and it just stopped working), or if it is an error from the bubble side and if other people are experiencing the same issues.

Thank you for your help,