SQL Database Connector with SQL Server - how to set parameters

New user here, trying to use Bubble as a UI for SQL Server data. Can’t figure out how to set the parameters on a stored procedure call. I want to have input boxes where the user sets a value for each parameter to the stored procedure, a button to refresh the data (call the stored proc), and a nice grid to display it (currently trying out the “Excel-like Handson Table”, which is nice).

I can get the data to display in the grid, but am stuck on how to set the parameters. Here are pictures of what I have so far. There is an input box called “Enter min total”.

Thanks in advance for your help!

try …

exec getPositions @minTotal

Assuming you have one argument to the procedure.

Well that was simple. Thanks a million!!!

I found using ‘?’ helped me

INSERT INTO example VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)

$1 Name1
$2 Name2
$3 Name3
$4 Name4