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Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to the team for the great job they are doing with Bubble.
I’m a Java developer and recently got interested in no-code platforms to be able to build an application faster. I am currently analyzing the pros and cons, limitations, pricing plans etc of these platforms. I find the idea super interesting and affordable. But I am very surprised to see that the SSL certificate on a custom domain name is only available from $115/month. From my point of view, SSL is just essential for any business. I therefore find it unfortunate that this option is not available from the first pricing plan to allow the business to start with the lowest possible costs and to switch to the pro plan later when the business grows. As you are reviewing the pricing plans, would it be possible to consider the possibility of reviewing the cost of an SSL certificate? Because currently, if I have the first plan which is enough for me (in terms of performance) but I want to look professional (essential for a serious business), I have to pay 4 times more per month just for the SSL certificate. Honestly, I think you’re doing really great work, but it’s a shame to spoil the attractiveness of Bubble because of an SSL certificate. I’m considering growing my business on a no-code platform but $115/month is too much to start with.

Backendless works the same way. They offer the SSL certificate from their second pricing plan ($99/month). So I asked them the same question. I am currently awaiting their response.

Thank you in advance for your replay.

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SSL is default on all plans

Where do you get your info from?


Hi @mike_verbruggen,

I see that here “new feature ssl certificate” where it is mentioned: “The certificate is available to users on a Professional Plan and higher”.

But I just saw that I was wrong and that the ssl is indeed available from the personal plan.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your response!

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