SSL certificate is only 256 bits when it should be 2048 bits


When I look at my ssl certificate for my .app domain it is only 256 bits. Has this anything to do with Cloudflare or Bubble. I want my certificate to be 2048 bits like other websites using Bubble. Does anyone know what is going on and how to solve this?


My website using Bubble, uses Bubble and their certificate is 2048 bits,

Hi @peterj,

Wondering if you can help me with this topic. For some reason the key size is only 256 bits. Is there any reason for this? Where is this coming from, CloudFlare? Why are we not using 2.048 bit key size?


Cloudflare uses elliptic curve public keys, which are ~10x more secure, bit-for-bit, than RSA keys


Thank you for the info @peterj !

This definitely helps the non technical people like my self understand.

Thank you again and have a good weekend.

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