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Start at - Ends at on video player

I’ve seen that there is the ability to set a ‘starts at’ and ‘ends at’ on the music player, but I was wondering whether there was any way to control the starts at and ends at for a video (both YouTube and Ziggeo)
Use case is I want to be able to create the ability to loop a section of a video set by a time range (using the slider).
Probably a long shot but just thought I’d put it out there.


You can start a YouTube video at a specific time. It requires you to add a URL parameter for the start time (in seconds). Search YouTube for the specifics.

Best of luck!

When you specify the start time in sharing options of youtube it gives an url like or whatever the start time is. But when you chose youtube in video source type it adds id of the video to so even the timing tag appears to be added, youtube refreshes link with the just id no timing.

For example;
When I specify the start time to my video this is the link youtube gave me;

When I enter /NtCs5miYGmo?t=34m1s to the ID part of the video in bubble, it directs to

changing the domain to and removing the time specifications.

I couldn’t find a workaround for this. any ideas? @sridharan.s


I’m not sure. If you put something in the forum app I’d be happy to look at it.