Youtube video player

Anyone know why a link like:

Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo (Karaoke/Acoustic Instrumental) - YouTube

will work with Bubble’s video player but not with a time parameter like:

Mayonnaise - Ipagpatawad Mo (Karaoke/Acoustic Instrumental) - YouTube



Also, the video player doesn’t work with links generated from Youtube’s share button, like this:

Hi @rhea
Bubble video element expects video ID which is v=EHOz-Lofgjh
It won’t recognise id from the url by default (you have to extract id using regular expression)
You can read more about video element here

I was asking this because I wanted to supply the time parameter programmatically.

@rhea I think for that you need to use video player plugin

Thank you for the info!

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I know this is a little old but here are two links to other members who had similar issues with regex and getting the correct data out:

This regEx pattern I find is the best. Extract with Regex empty - #11 by sudsy

This is useful if you want to get the image also:

What I did was this:

I have a standard Youtube element and pull in the a custom field from the database:

When saving the input to the database I use regex on this to extract and only save the youtube ID:


I also show an alert if the input is invalid using the same regex but looks to see if the regex didn’t return anything - which i determine is invalid, but you may have your own ideas here.


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