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Static dropdown category selection that allows search by API (there is an API for each category)?

I am trying to create a workflow that allows a user to select a static dropdown category. Once the user has selected a category, they are able to search the category (which is tied to that category API) from a search bar. Is this possible? Hope that makes sense and I would really appreciate any suggested solutions.

Do already have the plugin “API Connector”?
Did you already manage to retrieve this list using your API?
It worked?

In what stage of this process are you?

It is not hard, we just need to know in what stage you are in order to focus our answers according to current step of this process…

Hi, thanks for reaching out!
Yes, I have the plugin “API Connector”.
I created a static list but I did not use the API only placeholders at this point. I’m pretty sure I will be able to figure out how to use the API to create the dropdown list but I really don’t know what to do after that. This is where I seem to be stuck. If you need more detail, please let me know.
Thanks for your help!!!
DropDown and SearchBar_Test

It’s very encouraging that you say “it is not hard”!!!

Hi - any thoughts?

Sorry, I didn’t see your previous answer…

So, as I understand it, after the user selects “Test 3” you want them to search for items that are in the “Test 3” category. Is this right?

Are these items already in your database or do you want to get them through the API every time the dropdown changes?

No problem, I appreciate your response.

Yes, you are correct regarding the “Test 3” scenario.

I have 2 options. I can either import the json file(s) database(s) or get them through the API. I am currently getting the data through the API’s. But, I’m not sure which is the better option as the json files are very large.


So, to retrieve this data from the API you will have to create a workflow to run everytime that your dropdown’s value changes. In this workflow, you will call your API using the dropdown’s value as a parameter to retrieve the list you want. You can save this list in a custom state and link the “Search bar” to this list.

But first and most important, you will need to create that call using the API Connector plugin.
Did you already try?

Awesome! Thanks!

So I’ve created 3 different API call(s) for dropdown values (test 1, 2, and 3).

Is this a custom event? Should I schedule an API workflow? This is the part I really struggle with…

So, could you share the API Connector screen? Because I supose you need just ONE call. You can pass the parameters to your call (dropdown’s value) during your workflow sequence.

You can see your calls as actions in the workflow, but you need to set your call as “ACTION”

Thanks, give me a minute for a screen shot

Ok, I have 2 more of these API’s and calls:

So, you need to change from DATA to ACTION in your call (“Use as” field) in order to be able to use it in your workflow.

Take a look in the image I posted above :+1:

Awesome, I’ll do that…next I need to figure out the workflows, parameters, can constraints.

Thank you very much for your help!

Wow, that actually created a bunch of issues with everything I’ve already tied to the API’s. I’ll have to do some trouble shooting.

Create two calls. One to use as DATA and the other as ACTION :wink:
This sould sove the problem.

To be able to pass parameters in the body of you call during your workflow, you need to specify them inside “<>” as I did below…

Like “<my_parameter>”

Wow, this is above my pay grade! :rofl: I’m a simple no-coder