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πŸ†˜ [Steam Complete] GET PLAYER OWNED GAMEs returns 401 (works fine in Postman...)


In trying to implement the GET PLAYER OWNED GAMES call, I get a 401 error returned from Steam. Is it possible the call might be misconfigured in some way? I tested the same call in Postman according to the steam documentation and got a 200 return with relevant data.


LINK TO MY APP (lmk if you want test credentials)

Mention @vnihoul77

A 401 means unauthorized, and the error message says the key is invalid. Did you check the key?


Heya - thanks for the response. Yes I did (on Postman) and you ought to be able to see the 200 response in the screens. (I blacked out the key, but it’s the same on the plugin and the Postman call.