Stop double submissions of data when user hits "enter" button twice

The Bubble site I’ve created involves a form, where users input information, hit “enter” and then a new row of data is created and the user is directed to another page. But, sometimes it takes some time for the next page to load, and so the user might hit the “enter” button twice, creating two rows of data. There should only be one. Is there a way to stop users from hitting the “enter” button twice, or ignoring the data generated by the second hit?

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Actually, I think it’s pretty important to keep this feature for some precise use cases which you need the user to make multiple submissions.

It’s up to you to keep your workflow safe from user abuse such as multiple submission, invalid data input, …

An easy way to block this double submission could be:

  • When the user clicks the button, reset relevant input
  • Avoid user to run workflow when input is empty by adding a condition

There is an example, you can see it’s impossible to double-click the button. (editor)

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