Stop overflow scroll while maintaining responsiveness

How do I set the mobile view page to be fixed while also having the container layout aligned to parent element so theres no horizontal scrolling while also having the content is be responsive? I added a screen recording below

Make sure min width settings on any element are not greater than mobile device width.

All elements are sized as percentage of page width. So none of them are larger than the width.of page but one element has a horizontal scrolling repeating group. Could that be whats causing it to do that?

If the repeating group is set to be horizontal scrolling and there is a horizontal scroll on the page itself, then likely the width of the repeating group is greater than the page width. Or, the horizontal scroll you are seeing, but after watching your video, it looks like you have a black floating group which is why you can move it around as you are in the video, which is not associated with horizontal scrolling at all.